Shamokin History

Shamokin And Coal Township Notables

Class of 1957

Train Exhibit

Shamokin, Pennsylvania is a small city at the southern end of the anthracite coal region. It has come upon hard times since the demise of the coal industry. This website will feature many pictures of Shamokin as it was. Many of the pictures are from the 1950's era, some are from recent times.

The 50's was a great time in American history. The people from the "greatest generation" had come out of the depression and war years and were now raising families, developing careers for themselves and changing America. They never complained about their sacrfices nor did they depend on the government, they just persevered.

The teenagers of the 50's were embarking on a new path, different from their parents. This generation would go on to be part of some of the greatest accomplishments in science and technology. Look at the pictures and you may see some of your friends, classmates, or people you knew in Shamokin.

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  1. Al Povishs'
  2. Duke's Pizza
  3. Victoria Theater
  4. Majestic Theater
  5. The Coney Island
  6. Dollar nights at the fire companies
  7. Clambakes during the summer
  8. Al's ham hoagie
  9. Friday night football games
  10. Studebaker cars
  11. Walking to school
  12. School yard touch football games
  1. The McKinley Annex
  2. The "Shit Crick"
  3. Edgewood Park
  4. Doddle Bug Park
  5. Wednesday night dances at Knoebels
  6. Woolworths, Kresges, Grants ( 5 and 10 cent stores)
  7. Independence Street farmers market on Saturday mornings
  8. The Carmel Corn Shop
  9. Pickup Basketball games in the Lincoln School Yard
  10. Coal Township Purple Demons vs Shamokin Greyhounds
  11. "Parking" at Bunker Hill or on Burnside Mountain
  12. Classrings and going steady


Class of 1957